This 6-Month-Old Can Probably Do More Push-Ups Than You Can

Push-ups are tiring. We totally agree! Janzen Maring Hall, a CrossFit coach, and her 6-month-old son are getting in a tough workout in this adorable video. Grinding through push-ups together, she says, "Whew! Makes me tired!"

But this little boy is unstoppable! Seriously. Most of us can't do push-ups without our knees on the ground, yet he pounds out four like it's nothing. He even does the very advanced hand release to show us who's boss. I bet his mom taught him that one.

POPSUGAR caught up with this superfit mom about this viral video that the official CrossFit Instagram account posted (with almost 210,000 "likes"!). She said, "I did CrossFit clear up to the day I was induced with him at 39 weeks and he goes to the gym with me every day." Just wait — as soon as he can walk he'll be doing burpees and box jumps!