Ready to Try a Class at barre3? Here's What You Can Expect to Pay — and Why It's Worth It

It seems like everyone is taking barre these days, and it's no wonder: these strenuous classes make your muscles shake so good. If you haven't tried it for yourself, and the idea of feeling your body quake for an hour straight seems intimidating, barre3 is a great place to start. The instructors are so encouraging and will truly help you learn and take the class at your own pace. If you're still wary, you can always do some barre at home to prep for class. Once you've built your confidence and you're ready to take the plunge, here's everything you need to know about the studio.

What Is barre3?

barre3 is all about encouragement and empowerment. The instructors are there to motivate you so you can get the best workout possible. As the name suggests, the workout consists of three parts: Hold, Move Small, and Move Big. You'll start by holding your body in position to isolate your muscles. Then you do small movements to build strength. The third part is when you move big, or stretch your muscles out and tone them. barre3 assures class-goers that you'll leave the workout feeling both invigorated and at peace.

What's Involved in a Typical barre3 Class?

In each class, you're going to really engage your muscles and work them in a unique way. As you progress through the workout, you'll follow the same three-step process while targeting each of your major muscle groups, including your arms, legs, abs, and glutes. There are also props that come into play for a variety of poses. Resistance bands will help you do arm and ab work at the barre as well as leg work on the floor. Hand weights are a great addition to arm work, but you don't have to use them if it becomes too difficult for you. Your workout also might include a ball that's used as a cushion of sorts for ab work on the floor.

Is There Any Special Equipment?

All the props you need for class (which can include resistance bands, weights, etc.) can be found at the studio. You can also opt to wear grippy ballet socks for class, but it isn't necessary.

How Much Do barre3 Workouts Cost?

There are more than 100 studios and counting, and the price varies based on where you're located. New York City classes will cost you about $35 each for a single purchase, or you can get a 10-pack for $310 or a two-week unlimited pass for $129. If you're in the Bay Area of California, one class is $28 or you can buy 20 for $400. Atlanta classes are about $25 each or 10 for $180, and on the cheaper end of the market, one class in Oklahoma City is $20 or you can buy five for $85. You can find all the studio locations and their prices on the barre3 website.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

If you don't have a barre3 in your area, or even if you do, but you prefer to work out from home, you can stream your barre3 classes. You can get a 12-month subscription for $348, but sometimes barre3 offers discounts.