See The Incredible BBG Weight-Loss Transformation That Only Took 6 Months

Instagram | wanderlust.sam

We've been unbelievably inspired by the #BBGcommunity and the incredible weight-loss and strength-building transformations from its community. These women start using the guides for different reasons, but all are on a mission to better themselves and take control of their lives.

We just discovered @wanderlust.sam, aka Sam, a 24-year-old from Los Angeles on a mission of her own — one of self-care and happiness. Check it out, and prepare to be inspired. If you haven't tried the Bikini Body Guides yet, this will definitely pique your interest!

Meet Sam

Sam has been on a pretty incredible journey the past seven months. She hit a low point in her life after getting her master's degree and at 24 she found herself unemployed, moving in with parents (who were divorcing), and really, truly unhappy. Sam turned to BBG and began a journey to take care of herself and her health. These six-month results are insane.

She's Been Sharing Her BBG Progress Along the Way

And the Results Are Captivating!

The Best Part?

She looks so happy.

SO Happy!

She's Doing BBG and Also Barre

And SoulCycle

With her #BBGsisters at a #BBGmeetup, no less!

And She's Eating Healthy, Too

We love her healthy food photos. Layered oats are everything.

We're So Impressed

And inspired, to say the least. Although BBG played the key role in her journey, it also introduced her to a complete healthy lifestyle, and she's glowing from the inside out.

Her Journey Is Just Beginning

Sam just announced that she's now going to be working at SoulCycle, meaning she's got more fitness on the horizon. We're so proud of you, Sam!