This Full-Body Move From a Beachbody Trainer Will Either Scare You or Make You Say, "Bring It!"

When an exercise has the word "surrender" in its name, expect that it will destroy you (in a good way!). In this video, Beachbody trainer Autumn Calabrese is demonstrating the surrender to shoulder press. The surrender move alone is strictly a lower-body exercise, so why not add in a shoulder press to work the upper body, too? Our legs and shoulders are on fire just watching! We can't wait to add this full-body move to our routines.

This move is from 80 Day Obsession, a Beachbody fitness program that Autumn created. If you want to see what else you can expect from these intense workouts, here are three of Autumn's favorite booty-sculpting moves. Autumn also says that in this program, you "essentially just do a ton of different plank work." Sounds intense, and we like it!