This Woman's Insane Transformation Came From Weightlifting

If your goals include "lose fat," "gain lean muscle," "boost my metabolism," "sculpt my body," or "get strong," then there's one thing for you to do — start weightlifting. Just look at Kaitlyn: the Arizona-based YouTuber and heavy lifter shared her transformation picture, crediting weightlifting and strength training as the life-changing workouts that helped her drop pounds upon pounds of fat.

Kaitlyn's 75-pound weight-loss journey is one of self-love; she set out on a mission to find health and happiness. "It's been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling things I've ever done," she said in her YouTube video. "The reason I started working out was to fill my day with activities because I was so sad." She continued to open up about her depression and how she healed through fitness.

Now Kaitlyn's using her Instagram to encourage women to "allow yourself to love your body enough to push it to its limits!" And she did push those limits herself — you should see her weightlifting videos! She's proof that not only can you change your body with weightlifting, but you can change your brain and find happiness, too.