15 Playlists on Spotify That Will Help You Crush Your Next Cardio Workout

Sep 24 2020 - 8:25am

Sweat drips down my face and lower back. My muscles are shaky; my breathing is shallow and unsteady. The only thing getting me through this intense workout [1]? Lizzo [2]'s "Good as Hell" blasting through my AirPods. Lizzo doesn't know it, but she has gotten me through some challenging squats, impossible runs, and the ever-dreaded burpees. So has Taylor Swift [3], and Drake, and the Jonas Brothers, and Beyoncé, and many, many others.

Music brings life into a workout [4], helping you go from tired and grouchy to pumped up and excited. The right song can carry you through that last mile [5], or help you get those few extra reps in — motivation that's sometimes desperately needed on cardio day. Try out one of these fast-paced cardio workout playlists on Spotify the next time you're ready to take your jump squats to the next level.

US Summer Hits of the 10s by Spotify

30-Minute Workout Playlist by POPSUGAR Fitness

Cardio Pop Playlist by Jessie Wallace

Hip-Hop Workout Bangers by crossfitnordic

***Cardio Dance*** by itsmesarap


Dubstep Bangers 2020 by knivgaffel

Morning Pump-Up Playlist by POPSUGAR Fitness

Upbeat Country Workout 2020 by Upbeat Music

WORKOUT RAP by Jae Yong Park

Fantastic K-Workout by Spotify

Workout Playlist by Filtr US

Running to Rock 170-190 BPM by Spotify

Best Workout Songs 2020 by POPSUGAR Fitness

90’s Workout by Spotify

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