11 Awesomely Practical and Stylish Hairstyles For Your Next Sweat Sesh

Gym hair, DO care — more and more women are creating really beautiful, functional styles to keep their hair in place during a workout. And it's fun! If you've ever wanted to experiment with something beyond your usual 'do, these will serve as awesome inspiration. From double dutch braids to fun twists on messy buns, there's a little something for everyone to try, from super quick and easy to a little more intricate.


Keep it simple. Pull your locks back for a fuss-free look!



There's something almost . . . chic about the simplicity of a topknot. Plus, it keeps the ends of your hair from getting sweaty and stuck to your neck and back.


Braided Bun

Take your topknot a step further and add some pizzazz with a braid.

Braided Bun

Bubble Pony

No braiding required for this twist on a classic pony: just a few extra hair ties!

Braided Pony

Give your high and tight ponytail a little extra somethin'.

Headband Pony

Simple, sporty, and sweat-absorbing — add a headband to keep the focus on your workout and off your hair.

French Braid

This classic style is as pretty as it is functional.

Cornrow Bun

Keep your hair neatly in place even in the most intense workouts.

Braids Into a Ponytail

Ponytails can get a little messy, but by braiding your hair into place before sweeping it back, you're keeping everything together for a look that typically lasts well beyond your gym time.

Double Bun With Braids

Double the buns, double the fun — this intricate style is beautiful and would hold up well in cardio, too!

Double Dutch Braids

Double up your braided look with an upside-down french braid, known as the dutch braid, for an extra pop.

Double Dutch Braids