Make Any Room in Your Home a Temporary Yoga Studio With These Packable Essentials

POPSUGAR Photography | Kat Borchart
POPSUGAR Photography | Kat Borchart
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While a home gym typically requires a dedicated room, expensive equipment, and a decent amount of time to create, an at-home yoga studio requires basically zero effort. It requires even less room than a meditation space, because you can totally pack away your at-home yoga studio when you're done with your practice.

You'll need a little space — like a clearing in your living room or a section of your bedroom (or even your backyard!) — but all the products necessary for your home yoga can be put away in a corner of your linen closet or a basket in your room. Check out this packable, storable selection of essential yoga products, and get ready to turn your apartment or house into a sanctuary.

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