Expert Tips on How to Keep Snacking and Still Lose Weight

POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino
POPSUGAR Photography | Dominique Astorino

Trying to shed a few pounds? Hannah Bronfman's trainer, Chase Weber, has been giving us some seriously convenient weight-loss hacks, including how to snack (a quick refresher: Hannah is one of our favorite fitness stars, and founder of the fitness and lifestyle blog HBFit).

Chase doesn't believe in eliminating snacking from your eating routine; in fact, he encourages snacking. Not just any snacking, though — you've gotta pick the right foods and nutrients to fuel up properly and hit those weight-loss goals.

"It's great to have a snack plan prepared for your pre-workout and post-workout fueling needs," said Chase. "If you get into a routine of reaching for these options, you'll avoid the pitfalls of sugary snacks [and] deceptive 'nutrition' shakes."

He recommends refocusing your snacks on protein, calcium, and vitamins C, A, and E. Additionally, Chase tells us to always keep healthy snacks at the office to fight off premeal hunger and refuel our bodies after a workout. These are some of his favorites for each category:


Chase loves to recommend (and eat!) Caveman Foods Chicken Jerky. "After a workout, you'll want to be conscious of your snacking," he said. So true — have you ever had crazy cravings after a workout? "Pick a snack that's high in protein, like chicken jerky," he said. Protein will fill you up, feeds your muscles (less soreness, more healthy growth), and can crush your cravings for less healthy foods. "Caveman's jerky has a high PER — protein efficiency ratio — so you're promoting the growth and development of lean muscle while you snack."


A snack like cottage cheese or Greek yogurt will do the trick. Chase loves Good Culture Strawberry Chia Cottage Cheese and said, "This is my new favorite brand of cottage cheese; it tastes great, replenishes your body's calcium, and the chia seeds provide added protein." Sounds good to us! If you want to mix it up — literally — try a strawberry, chia, and cottage cheese protein smoothie.

Vitamins C, A and E

To get these essential vitamins, Chase suggested grapefruit juice and a granola bar. "I always tell my clients to drink grapefruit juice before or after a workout," he said. And why? "It keeps your energy levels up, boosts your immune system, and replenishes the electrolytes your body loses from sweating during exercise." We won't argue with that, especially since grapefruit is also an excellent fat burner. He also has a suggestion for granola bars, should you be in the market for a new kind. "I'm digging This Bar Saves Lives right now. It's a tasty bar, non-GMO, gluten-free, and the company donates food to kids in need."