An Expert Says to Turn Down the Heat For Better Sleep, and Your Frugal Parent Is Rejoicing

There are lots of experts tips and tricks to improve your sleep, but if you aren't down to stop scrolling through Instagram before going to sleep or giving up that glass of wine — two things that can interfere with your sleep — try this simple fix.

Alon Avidan, MD, MPH, director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, explained that "hotter temperatures tend to fragment the sleep." Instead of sleeping with the heat on full blast during the Winter months, and without the AC on the Summer, Dr. Avidan said, "We recommend that people keep the temperature in the room a little bit cooler; 68, 69 degrees." Not only will lowering the temperature of your room improve your sleep, it can lower the cost of your utility bills.

If "always cold" is how you describe yourself, and you're concerned about freezing at night, consider gifting yourself with a set of flannel sheets, a down comforter, or some warm pajamas.

According to Dr. Avidan, your toasty room isn't the only thing messing with your sleep. Environments that have abnormal light (that would be your tablet or iPhone) can also fragment your sleep. His advice: "Make sure the room is dark, cool, comfortable, and free of any abnormal light — particularly the television."

If you're looking for more ways to improve your sleep, Dr. Avidan said to avoid consuming caffeine after 10 a.m. and foods high in fat before your bedtime. Here's a full list of foods you should avoid before bed. Instead, swap simple carbs and fatty foods with one of these foods Dr. Avidan recommends eating for enhanced sleep. Sweet dreams.