If You Have Trouble Sleeping at Night, Try This Yoga Pose

POPSUGAR Photography | Louisa Larson
POPSUGAR Photography | Louisa Larson

Every single person deals with stress in some form — and we're always trying to learn the best ways to deal with stress so it doesn't take over our lives and we can be happier, healthier people. One of our favorite ways to mitigate stress is to do yoga, but which poses are the best for relieving emotional and physical tension? When we got the chance to talk with expert yogi and Under Armour ambassador Kathryn Budig, we jumped at the chance to ask what her favorite calming, centering poses were to relieve stress or unwind after a hard day at work.

"One of my favorite go-to poses if I need to unwind at the end of the day is legs up the wall [Viparita Karani Mudra]," said Kathryn. "It's the simplicity of just scooting up against the wall, so you're laying flat on your back with your bottom and your legs flush against the wall straight up." She recommended using a strap if you need it for added stability, too!

So what makes it so great? "It's really great to combat difficulty sleeping; it's also a great way to drain legs out at the end of the day if you've been standing for too long, or if you had a really big workout, it's great to relieve fatigue."

If you need a few more calming poses, Kathryn says, "Hip openers and gentle supine twists are also fantastic."