Bob Harper Reveals the Biggest Lifestyle Change He Made to Lose 40 Pounds

After surviving a massive heart attack last year, Bob Harper worked on completely transforming his life. He shifted from a low-carb Paleo diet to a carb-friendly, plant-based lifestyle and has lost 40 pounds in the process. The celebrity trainer and former The Biggest Loser host shared some of his other healthy habits that helped him recover and transform his lifestyle on the Rachael Ray Show.

Bob starts each morning with a cup of coffee (we can relate!), and he swapped his almond milk for gluten-free, lactose-free, and nut-free oat milk. He also takes a hot yoga class every day from the yoga studio Fierce Grace. It's no easy feat; the classes range from 60 to 90 minutes long. The former cardio fiend praises the class's movement and ability to get your heart rate up without having to bust your butt doing cardio. His switch from intense cardio to hot yoga is perhaps the biggest change he's made to lose weight (aside from eating a plant-based diet).

"I came from that very cardio background," he said in the clip. "It's like, to get the weight off you've gotta get cardio, cardio, cardio. I don't necessarily believe that's true in all cases." It's something former The Biggest Loser contestants may find shocking!

Since he sweats so much during hot yoga, Bob makes sure to replenish every day with a ton of water. He drinks at least a gallon a day and relies on a giant water jug to get in his daily fill of H2O. (For some extra hydration motivation, we recommend the BuildLife 1-Gallon Motivational Water Bottle.)

And while many people assume losing weight is all about eating well and moving your body, Bob has told POPSUGAR that managing stress is a top priority for weight loss and overall health. To keep his stress in check, Bob practices transcendental meditation.

We love seeing Bob live such a happy and healthy life after recovering from his heart attack — BRB, booking a hot yoga class ASAP.