Is Bone Broth the Next Superfood?

Have you heard about the next healthy foodie trend, bone broth? Self investigates what it's all about.

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Move over Cronuts, there's a new foodie trend on the rise and it's one that's been around for, well, centuries: bone broth. You might know it as beef broth or beef stock. However, when you get down to the bare bones of it — ALL broth is made with bones, with the exception of veggie broth. Thanks to some rebranding, artisanal, nutritious bone broth is the now hyped-about must-try food.

The Next Iron Chef alum Marco Canora is serving it up at Brodo, a new East Village takeout window in Manhattan. Canora's version of the savory liquid includes beef, chicken, and a blend of beef, chicken, and turkey broth, with flavor add-ons like turmeric and beet kvass (fermented beet juice). All served up in a handy takeaway cup (read: basically a to-go coffee cup). A small costs $4, while a large will run you $9.

You can also get your hands on some thanks to online stores like Wise Choice Market, which sells real bone broth packets made of organic ingredients. Two 24-ounce packets cost a whopping $33.75. Another option: going old-school and making it yourself.

What do you think about the bone broth craze?