Britney Spears Proves That You Don't Need Heavy Weights to Sculpt Sexy Arms

With so much talk about how women should lift heavy, and barbells are where it's at when it comes to weight loss and shaping your muscles, Britney Spears shared a clip of her workout, proving that light dumbbells still get the job done!

Britney posted four workout moves including side bends (with no weights), overhead triceps extensions, hammer curls with a triceps press, and arm raises. The dumbbell weight she's using is probably a five-pounder, and it's clear that she's toning and strengthening her upper body, breathing hard, and adorably giggling while she's at it!

So don't ditch the dumbbell moves! Low reps with high volume are great, and have their place, but high reps with low weight are effective, too! Aside from these three moves, here are some dumbbell exercises you can add to your routine to sculpt your arms and shape your booty.