These Are the Sneakers You've Been Seeing Britney Spears Wear All Year

When she's not barefoot in a handstand or wearing heels on stage, chances are you'll spot Britney Spears wearing her bright teal and aqua Hoka One One sneakers. Sticking to her signature look at all times (typically short shorts, a sports bra, and her Hokas), she's weight training, hiking, dancing, and flowing through some Vinyasas, all in style.

Britney LOVES Her Hoka One Ones

They're the Clifton 3 sneaker, as far as we can tell (you can get the newer ones here).

She Wears Them While Painting

Because comfort.

On a Hike With Her Honey? Wearing Hokas.

Staying Focused in the Gym?

Teaching Little Kids How to Dance?

Traveling and Working Out? She's Got Her Fave Shoes.

Wearing a Choker to the Gym?

Chokers go well with maximalist sneakers. We learned this from Britney.