I Tested Different Forms of CBD to See If It Can Reverse the Effects of THC

POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Yi
POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Yi

The cannabis plant produces over 100 compounds (that we know of) called cannabinoids that each yield different effects when isolated. The most well-known ones you've probably heard of are THC and CBD, while more underrated varieties including CBN and THC-A are just beginning to enter the conversation. To give you a quick rundown, THC is known as the psychoactive cannabinoid that's responsible for making you high after smoking or consuming marijuana, while CBD is largely nonpsychoactive (unless taken in excess amounts) and can relieve anxiety. These two active compounds seem to work together by simultaneously counteracting some of each other's effects, which leads to the question: can CBD reverse your high? I conducted a personal experiment to find out.

Before diving into my test, note that taking recommended doses of CBD oil alone will not produce mind-altering effects. You're likely to feel muscle relaxation and calmness, which is why more people are looking to tinctures to ease their anxiety. Taking concentrated THC, on the other hand, can result in the complete opposite and intensify feelings of anxiety and paranoia, according to a study referenced by High Times. Additionally, the outlet wrote that the pleasant high we've come to know didn't exist until CBD was administered with THC. It makes sense as to why strains with a 1:1 (CBD to THC) ratio or CBD-dominant varieties are recommended for anyone with anxiety or those new to marijuana.

To find out whether CBD can indeed counteract the effects of THC, I intentionally got higher than I'm normally comfortable with and tried to reverse it with various consumption methods of CBD. Here's what down on three separate occasions.

CBD Candy

I tried Paradise Candy's CBD High Dose Hard Candy Singles, which contain 50mg of CBD. About five minutes after sucking on the candy, I immediately noticed a change in the intensity of my high. It seemed to have reversed all feelings of anxiety and discomfort and I felt significantly more sober than I had just minutes before. It was almost like someone turned off a switch. Twenty minutes later, I smoked the rest of my joint to regain the initial high.


I've enjoyed the calming effects of Select's CBD tinctures on occasions when I want to relax without getting high. Unfortunately, it was ineffective in reducing my high this time around. I took a full drop and a half, which roughly amounted to 50mg of CBD, and waited half an hour without seeing any results.

CBD Vape

Again, I've also had great experiences with Select's CBD Vape Pen, but I didn't find it helpful in bringing me back down. I took a few puffs with no detectable changes in my state.

Although there's not enough research to support whether CBD can counteract the effects of THC (or research on cannabis in general), we do know that these two cannabinoids share a complex but synergistic relationship. One thing's for certain, though: I'll always be carrying around a Paradise candy in my bag in case of emergencies.

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