These 10 Superflexible Celebs Do Yoga — How About You?

Celebrities, like us, keep up with their fitness. Some, such as Brie Larson prior to Captain Marvel, do it for movie roles; others do it for the sake of their mental health. Vanessa Hudgens prefers to take classes in a group setting. Jason Momoa is into some serious rock climbing (who knew?!). Then, there are the yogis.

Yoga not only increases flexibility, but the practice can also help ease anxiety and stress. Aside from that, you can do it right at home — Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman enjoys follow-along yoga YouTube videos because they take just 10 minutes and help her stay present. They're good for clarity. Yoga is basically a universal exhale; it's a release you can get almost anytime, anywhere. Ahead, check out 10 celebrities practicing yoga — because we can all get a little more flexible (in body and in mind)!


Nathalie Emmanuel Doing Yoga

Doing yoga teacher training in Morocco last year was, Nathalie wrote on Instagram, "one of the most incredible and transformative experiences of my life." This Game of Thrones star sure does look like she's got her splits down.


Adam Levine Doing Yoga

Adam described on Instagram just how positive of an impact yoga has on his life. "I have never been pretzel-ish or particularly flexible. And my practice is riddled with mistakes and imperfections," the Maroon 5 singer wrote. "Which is precisely what makes it so powerful."


Eva Longoria Doing Yoga

Tree pose, anyone? Through this Desperate Housewives star doesn't post about yoga frequently, she did share this Instagram last year as well as an acro-yoga photo in 2016 taken with instructor Craig Fields.


Nikki Reed Doing Yoga

Here, Nikki's husband, Ian Somerhalder (from the binge-worthy Vampire Diaries), helped her out with some acro-yoga. She really is quite the acro-yoga enthusiast. In the post, she thanked him for encouraging her to train with "some of the best Acro teachers in the world, because he knows how much joy I get from this practice."


Jessica Biel Doing Yoga

Jessica has partnered with yoga company Gaiam as its brand ambassador for product releases and her very own clothing line. She's posted about the partnership before, writing, "I've been in love with yoga for years."


Reese Witherspoon Doing Yoga

Watch this adorable video of Reese doing Downward Dog with what looks like her French Bulldog named Pepper. Everyone deserves a pup who tries to join in on their yoga flows!


Emma Roberts Doing Yoga

Along with yoga, Emma has also posted Instagrams of her in Pilates class. Namaste, Emma, namaste.


Gisele Bündchen Doing Yoga

If you scroll through Gisele's feed, you can see that the model is quite the yogi and is also into meditation. Check out her powerful Warrior 2 from 2017!


Beyoncé Doing Yoga

We think Beyoncé should break out a Wheel pose like this while performing on stage (even if this post is from 2014), don't you?


Kate Hudson Doing Yoga

Kate balancing on this yoga wheel is how we want our Summer to go: slow and controlled.