Chicken Nugget Yoga Actually Exists and We Think We'll Namaste

Yoga can do incredible things for your body and mind, but if you've ever felt like something was missing from your practice, we think we've found the solution: chicken nuggets. Yes, the deliciously crispy and perfect-size meat that, no matter what, makes every meal heaven-like. Chicken Nugget Yoga is the very special and humorous practice created by comedians Goubran Bahou and Alex Balcombe in an effort to alleviate anxiety, relieve headaches, and most importantly, satisfy hunger.

Chicken Nugget Yoga takes you through a routine of Hatha yoga poses with necessary pauses for bites as you go through the series. According to the video above, Kevin, your local London "nugget expert," came upon this magical combination while working at McDonald's in the Himalayas. "Love is strong, but chicken nugget is stronger," he says passionately in the video.

This is basically the world's greatest combination, but if you're still not convinced, we have a feeling the testimonials will help.

"I had no idea what yoga was, I just saw chicken nuggets and I turned up," one client explained. Another fanatic said, "I actually used to be a vegan for 9 years and then I found chicken nugget yoga and it changed my whole perspective on everything . . . it's quite spiritual."

For just $20, you can spend an hour of your life indulging in life's greatest fried food while exercising and making healthy choices. The nugget experts will provide the nuggets and the mat, but dips are extra.

PSA: we're well-aware that this video is a joke, but truthfully, we're not not down to try it! We understand the power of the nug and we're definitely willing to pay extra for sauce.

"Chicken nuggets is life, life is chicken nuggets."