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Chloe Ting's 10-Minute Upper-Body and Core Workout: Review

I Tried Chloe Ting's 10-Minute Upper-Body and Core Workout, and 3 Days Later, I'm Still Sore

I love bodyweight workouts that include combo moves that target more than one body part, which is why I love this upper-body and core workout from certified personal trainer Chloe Ting. This video includes 17 exercises, which work your chest, arms, back, and core. It's just 10 minutes, which doesn't seem like it would be long enough to be effective, but holy burning muscles!

There are a lot of plank and reverse-plank variations aimed at working your shoulders and triceps. And the best part is there are a couple moves I've never even heard of, like the reverse shoulder tap and the one-arm raise knee tap, which kept the workout exciting. But this quick workout also has common moves I don't do often, like the bear crawl and the plank leg raise. I like that this workout is so varied and requires a lot of single-arm and single-leg lifts, which challenged my balance and made my core have to work harder. Ting's instructions are clear and she's very encouraging right when you need it during the last couple reps of more challenging moves. I was shocked a 10-minute workout could make me sore for days after, but it did — especially my triceps and shoulders. I'll definitely be doing this workout more often!

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