Soccer Star Christen Press Has Some Powerful Words For You About Loving Your Body

At any given point in our lives, most of us struggle with body-image issues and can have trouble coming to a point of love and acceptance with our bodies. If you're nodding your head, saying, "yep, same," then Christen Press has some pretty inspiring words for you.

The US Women's National Team soccer star knows all about the pressure of having "the right kind" of body — much of her career is very dependent on her body's abilities! But the one thing that truly helped her loved her body — flaws and all — was yoga. Here's what she had to say about struggling with body image, loving herself, and loving her "shortcomings."

"I struggled with [body image] in and out of teenage and college years. . . . There's something inside a lot of us, especially women, that sees this ideal; you look in the mirror and just see flaws. When I became more interested in the mindfulness movement, I started to understand how important it is to love your body and to see the beauty in it, instead of always looking at your flaws. And that's not just physical; it's about who you are as a person. Have grace with yourself and understand that you can make mistakes, your flaws are beautiful, and your shortcomings are what make you strong. So I think that with [mindfulness and yoga] and with fine-tuning my training, I have become a lot more comfortable with myself, how I look, how I feel, and how I act. I think it's sort of a total-package thing."