10 Pairs of Period-Proof Underwear to Wear For a Comfy Night's Sleep

Jun 8 2021 - 3:00pm

If you're not into the idea of wearing a tampon [1] or menstrual cup to bed and have found that pads bunch or shift as you sleep, opting for period underwear [2] is a solid solution for absorbing your menstrual flow while you catch some quality zzz's.

Boyshorts, hip-huggers, and briefs are three styles worth considering as you start shopping. These types of undies tend to offer a little more coverage on the sides of the legs and in the back, may not dig in or ride up quite as much as other styles (read: thongs, certain cheeky cuts), and can be found in low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise options. They can act as sleep bottoms on their own but are also great options for under PJs. While the type of underwear you sleep in is really a personal preference, experts note that, in terms of vaginal health, choosing a breathable fabric is best [3].

Of course, the benefit of the 10 pairs below is that they act as your menstrual care product too and help prevent leaks on your sheets.

Thinx Boyshorts

Ideal for those with a moderate flow, Thinx Boyshorts [4] ($39) are offered in sizes XXS-3XL and can absorb the equivalent of three tampons. They offer a full-coverage back and have a slightly longer leg than some of the other period boyshorts on the market. You can score this pair in navy blue or black.

Dear Kate Nellie Full Briefs

Think briefs are best? Available in sizes XS-3X, the Dear Kate Nellie Full Briefs [5] ($46) feature a high-waist and can be purchased in black, beige, berry, and periwinkle.

Bambody Absorbent Boyshorts

A less expensive option than some of the other period panties on this list, the Bambody Absorbent Boyshorts [6] ($15) feature a thicker elastic waistband and can hold up to two tampons' worth of fluid from your period. Depending on the color, they can be purchased as a single pair, in a two-pack, or in a three-pack.

TomboyX Firstline Leakproof Hipster Underwear

The TomboyX Firstline Leakproof Hipster [7] ($32) underwear are designed to help prevent leaks on light menstrual flow days and from incontinence. Available in sizes 3XS to 6X, these mid-rise undies also odor-repellent.

Knixy Lace Leakproof Boyshorts

Like something a little more lacy? Opt for a pair of the Knixy Lace Leakproof Boyshorts [8] ($23), which feature an all-lace back and can be purchased in black, a pale green, and a peachy-pink hue.

Ruby Love Period Loungewear Sleep Boyshorts

The Ruby Love Period Loungewear Sleep Boyshorts [9] ($40) are also exclusively designed with bedtime in mind. They're also available in several different fun prints and bright colors, like this red-and-white striped pair. Bonus: the brand claims they won't ride up, which in our opinion, is crucial for a comfy night's sleep.

Aisle Period Briefs

The Aisle Period Briefs [10] ($46) feature a high-waist, full-coverage cut, and could take the place of up to four tampons!

Proof. Leakproof Hipster Underwear

Hipster underwear tends to sit around the hips and offers fuller coverage in the back. The Proof. Leakproof Hipster Underwear [11] ($43) are particularly great for those with heavy flows, as they hold up to five tampons worth of fluid.

ModiBodi Classic Full Briefs

If you have a lighter flow and don't want to wear a tampon or a cup to bed, consider the ModiBodi Classic Full Briefs [12] ($25), which offer about two tampons' worth of protection from leaks.

Knix The Dream Shorts

Technically, the Knix The Dream Shorts [13] ($38) are considered sleep bottoms, but they resemble the general design of a pair of boyshorts. They offer a high absorbency via a longer gusset to prevent leaks while you're sleeping. They're available in black or a dark floral print, in sizes XS-4XL.

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