If the Scale Makes You Feel Like Sh*t, Read This CrossFit Competitor's Inspiring Message

CrossFit competitor and coach Dani Horan posted this selfie of her six-pack and her adorable dog on Instagram with a caption that read, "Weight: Unknown. Height: 5'6". Daily Calories: 3200-3500+." She explained, "I've stopped weighing myself & focused more on how my body feels." While weighing yourself can definitely keep you accountable and be one aspect in monitoring your progress, it can also be detrimental if stepping on the scale makes you feel bad about yourself.

Dani added, "The scale can fluctuate so MUCH, for a million different reasons. And honestly, sometimes I would allow it to get the best of me. So I stopped weighing myself & started going off of Three Categories: Gymnastics, Bodyweight Movements & Strength." Celebrity fitness trainer, nutritionist, and New York Times bestselling author Harley Pasternak agrees and told POPSUGAR he isn't a fan of the scale. "I'm more focused on 'How do you feel?' and 'How do you look?'" he said.

Does this sound familiar? Do you weigh yourself often, maybe every single morning, and your mood for the rest of the day depends on the number that flashes back at you? It can be so disheartening, especially if you're working hard at the gym, eating well, getting enough sleep . . . and seeing the number go up. The scale is definitely not the most accurate way to measure your progress, and we like what Dani suggested: go by how you feel, what your body can do, and how strong and flexible you're getting.

"I'm not the leanest I've been for sure & that's OK because I feel healthy, strong & light! We get this idea in our head that we need to be a certain weight," Dani wrote. If you're taking care of yourself and feeling healthy and strong, then that's all that matters. Focus on eating whole foods to fuel your body for life, "whatever 'Life' is for you - Athlete, Mom, Golfer, Soccer Player, Runner...the list goes on."

"Let's stop trying to be a certain weight," Dani added, and we couldn't agree more. Who cares what the number on the scale says? Screw the stupid scale! It can't measure how badass you are, and if it just makes you feel like crap every time you step on it, then it's actually holding you back from being the best version of you. "Don't let that silly scale control your life. YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!" Dani wrote. We totally needed the reminder. BRB . . . throwing my scale in the dumpster.