This Dietitian Explains 3 Things You Can Do to Reduce Cravings, and It's Not Just "Drink Water"

Craving your favorite foods, even after you've eaten a meal, might seem like an annoying intrusion, but registered dietitian Ayat Sleymann, MS, RD, explains that having food cravings is most likely your body signaling that it didn't get the right amount of food during the day to balance blood sugar.

In the TikTok above, she explains three ways to reduce these food cravings that don't include the standard "drink more water" diet-culture advice. She suggests eating fiber, healthy fats, and proteins at most of your meals; reduce the amount of carbs you are eating at dinner and add in protein; and to make sure you are eating enough throughout the day.

Of course, if you have a strong hankering for ice cream after dinner, go ahead and enjoy. But if your cravings are consistent and take over your every thought, it's time to look at what food choices you could be making during the day to feel satisfied.