Dr. Oz Asks Twitter For Questions, Gets More Than a Tweetfull

Dr. Oz is no stranger to scrutiny. In June of this year, he was grilled by senators for promoting certain weight-loss products as a "miracle in a bottle." And on Tuesday, he received major backlash on Twitter after posting this:

I'm sure he expected some great fodder for his show, but the outcome was disastrous. There was, instead, an enormous onslaught of accusatory questions like this:

A few rude ones like this:

Many questioned his integrity:

@DrOz Why do you knowingly peddle remedies you know do nothing? For profit? #OzsInbox

— Alex Huszagh (@AlexHuszagh) November 12, 2014

Some were silly:

@DrOz #OzsInbox Which Starbucks roast should I use for the most effective coffee enema? I was thinking Sumatra, but Verona is so smooth.

— Anowyn (@AnowynTweets) November 12, 2014

Some funny:

@DrOz What does it mean when your poop glows in the dark? #OzsInbox

— Dr. Rob Lamberts (@doc_rob) November 12, 2014

And #LOL hilarious:

@DrOz #OzsInbox So, what is the BEST way to melt fat? Stovetop? Convection? Microwave? Or a good old fashion campfire?

— Anowyn (@AnowynTweets) November 12, 2014

But this was the overall feel of the one-sided conversation:

I'm overweight but lazy, what's the easiest way for you to take my money and give me false hope for a few days ? #OzsInbox @DrOz

— Rob DeSantis (@RobDComedy) November 12, 2014

So tell us, what would you tweet to Dr. Oz?