4 Nutritionist-Approved Hangover Hacks

POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim
POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim

You're likely here for one of two reasons: one, you're preparing for a wild night and want to steel yourself for impending doom, or two, you're suffering a miserable, skull-crushing hangover and seeking salvation. It's OK, we've got you.

While we have our own little tricks like kombucha and spicy food for an average hangover, we needed to consult an expert for tips on surviving "the big one" on Jan. 1. Nutritionist and registered dietitian Emily Kean from Lifeway Foods created this post-Champagne-binge plan of attack for you, and it's only four simple steps.


Yes, you have to get out of bed. Drink all the waters. "Do get out of bed to rehydrate yourself," said Emily. "Alcohol dehydrates you, so it's important to rehydrate with water and electrolytes. Choose fruits and vegetables like melons and bananas, as they contain plenty of water and electrolytes like potassium."

Cut the Grease

"Avoid greasy comfort foods," she said. Whoa, no greasy diner breakfast? "Your body may still be processing the previous night's alcohol; since alcohol and fats use the same metabolic pathways and organs, it's important to not overtax them." This means actually getting a healthy breakfast (maybe a homemade breakfast burrito?) with healthy proteins and fats like beans, avocados, and almond butter."

Get Your B Vitamins

Make sure you have some vitamins on hand to "replenish your vitamin and mineral stores." Emily explained that your body uses B vitamins to break down alcohol, which means you need to seek niacin-rich foods like peanut butter. So far it looks like we'll be having a gallon of water and tub of PB next to our beds . . .

Take Probiotics

Who knew there was a pill to help with hangovers? Emily suggests probiotics as a cure for your digestive woes. If you don't have a probiotic pill you love, there are so many foods you can eat that'll help balance your gut's bacteria. "Repower your digestive system with probiotic foods like kefir," she said. "The friendly bacteria can help ease queasy stomachs, diarrhea, and gut inflammation. With 11 grams of protein per serving and probiotics, kefir will help your body recover from a long, rough night.