4 Foolproof Ways to Eat Healthy Consistently

POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim
POPSUGAR Photography | Sheila Gim

I've always had the best intentions when it comes to my eating habits, but intentions don't mean much if they aren't put into action. When at the end of last year I was sad to see little progress after putting my body through every grueling workout possible, I realized that the old saying is true: abs are made in the kitchen.

Comparing my workout and food logs confirmed what I already knew: I was eating as many fun meals as I was healthy ones. Instead of the occasional days off, my food log either had entire weeks missing or logs that recorded several days every month when my healthy habits went completely off the rails.

In the past after overindulging, I'd normally be down on myself and get into a cycle of emotional eating that I'd attempt to reverse with exhaustive workouts. We all know that getting healthy isn't about quick fixes or complete elimination, and with a lifestyle change in mind, I've come up with four feasible ways to make healthy eating easier.

Try Healthy and Convenient Alternatives

There are so many healthy alternatives to your favorite snack or takeaway meal that you can easily cook, but if you can order a pizza within minutes or have the instant gratification of a tub of ice cream from the corner shop, the temptation might prove too much. You need healthy options that not only taste good but are also quicker to prepare than the "fun foods." Instead of popping out for a tub of ice cream, satisfy your sweet tooth quicker than you can say "Ben & Jerry's" with a healthy variation that you can make ahead, store in the freezer, and grab whenever those pesky cravings appear.

Master Your Meal Prep

Although I could eat the simplest meal-prep combinations day after day during the week without getting bored, weekends are an entirely different story. If you're the same, try to adapt your meal prep by making separate weekend meals that'll make eating during your downtime feel a little more deluxe. Love a carby treat on a Sunday afternoon? Try out some low-carb pasta dishes that taste just as good as the real thing.

Find Some Food and Fitness Inspiration

It may sound silly to some, but while I'm slowly getting a handle on how to put my plans into consistent practice, I get an extra boost of motivation from scrolling through a photo feed full of people who seemingly have. Although I know my favorite Instagram fit girls are just like me and probably have their off days just like I do, their perfectly curated feeds are just the kick I need when I'm distracting myself from prepping a healthy meal or working up a sweat by scrolling.

Use Positive Affirmations

A daily affirmation might not stop you from having a piece of chocolate, but saying it out loud might be just the reminder you need to snack in moderation. Find a positive affirmation that'll make your goals feel within reach every time you repeat it and take away the negative emotions that sometimes follow when our eating goes awry.