Ready to Reshape Your Body? Try These 6 Celebrity Trainer Tips

POPSUGAR Photography | Ericka McConnell
POPSUGAR Photography | Ericka McConnell

Reshaping your body is a multifaceted effort. There are the habit changes, the fitness routines, balance of strength training and cardio, the food and the diets — it can all seem so complicated and, at times, overwhelming.

We talked with celebrity trainer Chase Weber (Hannah Bronfman's trainer!) to ask if there were simple ways to adjust everyday habits to make losing weight and shaping up as streamlined and seamless as possible. The good news? He said absolutely yes! Here are his six best tips for making minor adjustments that'll add up to major success.

  1. TV time outs. Doing a lot of Netflix and chilling? Try Netflix and chin-ups. Chase said do an exercise — like push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, dips, or bodyweight squats — for a set of 15 during each commercial break (or if you're streaming, every five to eight minutes). "Try doing this three times a week, and you will find yourself making a conscious effort to get it done."
  2. Replace fruity smoothies with protein shakes. If you're cutting calories, Chase recommends swapping in a protein shake to satiate while eliminating excess sugar and calories. "Once you nail down a good protein shake, you will find yourself drifting away [from] the high-calorie fruity options." If you're not sure where to start, here's a look at some of our favorite protein powders.
  3. Use an exercise ball or stand-up desk at work. A simple swap but an excellent way to tone the core, according to Chase. He mentioned that when you're sitting at a desk for eight or more hours, it's easy to disengage your abs. "After a week of sitting on an exercise ball, you will start to see a significant difference in your posture."
  4. Eat until you're satisfied. "Just because you have a full plate does not mean you have to eat all of it," said Chase (we've definitely been there!). "Understanding the portion size that works for you is key when trying to change your ways when eating." He reminded us to slow down and not overfill ourselves.
  5. Jump rope. Chase said though this exercise can feel "childish," it's totally a game changer. "Not only is it a great cardio workout, but it burns a ton of calories! If you are not a big fan of running, try jump rope, as it can be something you will enjoy and does not require a bunch of space." This 10-minute jump rope workout is great way to tone your legs and work up a sweat!
  6. Create a snack plan (and stick to it). The way you snack affects the way you look! To avoid the pitfalls of sugary snacks (especially in times of runger!) Chase said to have a snack plan prepared for your pre-workout and post-workout fueling needs. He recommends proteins like chicken and cottage cheese and fat-burning grapefruit.