Slash Calories by Following These 6 Simple Tips

When it comes to losing fat, regular exercise and healthy eating can only get you so far. You need to maintain a calorie deficit if you really want to see your desired results. But before you run away thinking it's another phrase for starving yourself, know that a calorie deficit simply means burning more than you consume. Luckily, online coach Susan Niebergall shared a photo on Instagram breaking down simple ways you can cut calories at your next meal.

  1. Cook at home: "Having complete control over what you are cooking and eating is 100 percent the best way to cut calories. You can choose how to cook your food, and if you are meticulously tracking, you will know exactly what you are eating."
  2. Use a smaller plate: "By putting a smaller portion on a larger plate, your mind is going to think it needs more because it looks so small. Putting that same portion on a smaller plate, your mind thinks you are eating more."
  3. Limit the bread: "You know that scrumptious looking bread basket that they always bring you before your meal? That literally can add 300 to 500 calories on BEFORE you even start your meal. So if you are eating out, you can always pass on the bread basket."
  4. Drink zero-calorie drinks: "Instead of the 150 calories from a Coke, try seltzer water. It's still got the bubbly, comes in flavors, and gives you the sense of drinking something 'special,' not just water. Black coffee is another zero-calorie drink staple. Both of those will take the edge off of hunger, too.
  5. Use seasoning over sauces: "Sauces are a huge source of calories — especially when eating out because restaurants tend to really pile them on. So if cooking at home, try some seasonings instead. Try some new spices to change some things up. They add almost zero calories and a lot of flavor."
  6. Pile on the veggies: "So many veggies are almost 'free' in calories. Not literally, but they are so low that you can literally pile them on your plate, get lots of volume, and keep your overall calorie count way down."