This 12 Days of Wellness Advent Calendar Is Stocked With Essential Oils

Forget chocolates, socks, and sex toys — we want an advent calendar that's all about our wellness. And lucky for us, Saje released just the thing we're looking for this season. The 12 Days of Wellness Advent Calendar ($110) is stocked with bottles of essential oils made with ingredients from all over the world.

"Blended with ingredients grown natively in each region, these limited edition blends celebrate the vibrancy of our diverse planet," says Saje. "Let's show gratitude for the world that we live in and all that it has to offer."

Each of the 12 items is a unique combination of oils — you can check out the different types that are included ahead (11 are shown because the 12th bottle is a surprise!). The bottles come in beautiful packaging, making the advent calendar a perfect gift for anyone in your life who is working on their wellness!