Everything You Need to Know About F45, the Hot New Thing in Fitness — Including the Price

If you don't have an F45 Training studio near you yet, you likely will soon. While the brand was founded in Australia, new locations are popping up all over the US (seriously, just look at this map), thanks to the studio's unique mix of high-intensity intervals, circuit training, and functional training. It promises to be unlike any group fitness class you've attended before, and not just because you're bound to learn some new moves. F45 not only accommodates all fitness levels, but also champions every single person who comes to class. Before you book your first visit, keep reading to find out exactly what you should expect, including how much you're likely to pay.

What Is F45?

The F in F45 stands for functional, because while the classes in these gyms change constantly to build variety into your routine, they all focus on functional training. (In other words, expect exercises that mimic things you might do in your everyday life, like picking up a heavy piece of luggage.) The 45 is simply the length of a class — each F45 session is just 45-minutes long.

What's Involved in a Typical Class?

F45 is a group fitness studio, but not in the same way as barre or Spin. Instead of moving in unison with your classmates, you'll use equipment in intervals. Each class has a theme, like Renegade (focus on resistance), Docklands (aerobics), and Gravity (bodyweight). Along with the coaches in the room, screens throughout the space provide demos of each exercise, as well as a timer and a measure of your heart rate (if you're wearing one of F45's heart rate monitors). You'll typically go through a circuit of all the moves at least twice, and the music and circuit specifics will change with each class so you'll never get bored.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices vary widely by location. In New York City, you're looking at $36 for a class. A week of unlimited classes is $99, while a month is $399. If you head down to one of the F45 gyms in Florida, you can get a class for closer to $25. Some franchise locations operate on just a membership basis, instead of allowing gym-goers to pay by class. Your best bet is to find your nearest studio and go from there. Most, if not all, offer a new member perk like free or discounted classes. It's the best way to see if F45 is for you.

Is There Any Special Equipment Involved?

F45 offers its own Lionheart heart rate monitor that syncs up with the technology used in the gyms, so you can see how your heart rate changes throughout your sweat session. After the class, you can access your entire heart rate report online, and even better, because this is a standard heart rate monitor, you can use it outside of class, as it will pair with most smartphones. The cost, like that of the classes, can vary by location. (For example, in New York City, the monitor is around $60.)

What Else Do I Need to Know?

While you'll move through these circuits on a more individual basis, you're still part of a group fitness class, and you'll never feel like you're lacking the same encouragement or motivation. There's a sense of camaraderie at F45, with the coaches and your fellow teammates cheering you on as you go, so you'll always have the strength you need to power through your workout.