Read This Woman's Perfect Response After Being Fat-Shamed at the Gym

As if we needed another unfortunate reminder that body shaming is not OK, one Facebook user recently penned an eloquent response to a few gym bullies she encountered. After hearing fellow gym-goers talking about her, Emily Farrington Smith shared her experience on Facebook:

So I got called fat today. It wasn't so much behind my back as it was directly TO MY FACE . . . you just didn't think I could hear you. Now, I don't have any daughters . . . but I do have sisters. And I refuse to settle for a world where they will grow up worrying what others think of them or thinking they are lesser humans because of how much they weigh. You see, I had just finished a workout. I'm at the gym trying to better myself as an individual, and while your comment really hurt me initially, I could honestly give a flying flip what you think of me. This body? Is actually pretty damn healthy. Since you felt like you could say whatever you wanted to me, I'm going to do the same. I am 5 feet, 9 inches tall and I weigh 220 pounds. Yup. I said it out loud. I weigh more than my husband and he has NEVER had a problem with that, not in the 10 years and 30 pounds gained that we've been together.

Emily then went on to rightfully explain how her health and fitness journey is entirely her own:

I'm going to keep working out. You'll probably see me at the gym again. Who knows, we may even end up taking a class together. But I'm not there for you or anyone else. See, I DO want to lose weight (that's why I put myself through the horrors of a treadmill almost on a daily basis). BUT . . . even if I never lose another pound again, there is absolutely nothing in this world that stipulates that if you're a certain higher-level size or weight that you MUST be unhappy with yourself.

She ended her post with this amazing message:

I know that hurt people hurt people, but you need to try and realize that everyone is fighting some sort of battle. I don't know what battle you're fighting that led you to say those things about me. Next time I see you, I'm going to smile and say hello. You obviously need a friend.

We are so inspired by Emily's vulnerable account and the badass way she stood up to naysayers.