You'll Be Saying "Give Me More" Once You Try This Total-Body K-Pop Dance Cardio Workout

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If you're a fan of K-pop, you're going to be excited to know that The Fitness Marshall just dropped a dance workout to VAV's "Give Me More," and it's officially our new favorite Fitness Marshall routine.

Do this dance workout if you're in need of a quick sweat sesh or if you just want some fun moves to do before you hit the weights. The choreography is fast paced, and just in case you aren't the best dancer (aka us), The Fitness Marshall has different choreography options for beginners and those that are more advanced.

"Music is a universal language. Even if you don't speak the language, you can feel the rhythm and passion in the beat and melody," The Fitness Marshall told POPSUGAR. "This dance will make you work hard and challenge you to loosen up your hips and let the music take control," he added.

If you're ready to let loose and have a little fun, be sure to check out the full routine in the video above.