#ResolutionFail Already? These Tweets Prove You're Not Alone

It's that time of year when we commit to being healthier. Yay! But since old habits die hard, if you've already broken your resolutions, these tweets will sound all too familiar. [Shakes head in disappointment.]


Got ready for the gym, packed my gear and went for a burger instead 🍔>🏃🏻 #resolutionfail
— Priya Kumar (@sayitrightltd) January 2, 2016

Just saw someone donate exercise equipment to Goodwill. Didn't think that would have happened until at least February. #resolutionfail
— BJ Bungard (@bjbungard) January 2, 2016

I've already failed every single one of my New Years resolutions and it hasn't even been a week
— kimmiee (@pumpkiim) January 5, 2016

My New Year's resolution is to give up alcohol. Oops, I meant: My New Year's resolution is to give up. Alcohol! #newyearsresolution
— Full Frontal (@FullFrontalSamB) January 4, 2016

To eat French toast or to eat healthy?😩 Gotta go with the French toast! So much for my New Years resolution!😂
— Peyton List (@PeytonList) January 1, 2016

New Years resolution- Complete all my other New Years resolutions
— Alex Lee (@AlexLeeWorld) January 1, 2016

My New Year's resolution was to lose weight. Thanks to Schmidt's in Columbus, I am right on track. pic.twitter.com/rVaaiOp5yr
— Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) January 4, 2016

Oops forgot to workout yesterday and today, looks like my New Years resolution will have to wait till next year
— sar bear (@sarahlizzie23) January 3, 2016

New Years resolution #17: become as fat as I was the very first time that I ever thought I was fat.
— Kenzie Fei (@KenzieFei) January 5, 2016

Bought my twin sister workout clothes for our birthday and we have yet to lift anything but a fork. #ResolutionFail
— Melinda Ann Prince (@melindaprince4) January 4, 2016

It's impossible to keep New Year's resolutions around this office #freelunch #resolutionfailhttps://t.co/NokPEuHFv7
— Kristin Deutsch (@KristinLeighDeu) January 5, 2016

R.I.P. to all the New Years resolutions that have already been broken.
— Grown Man Quotes (@UnsungQuotes) January 2, 2016

Jan 1: New Years Resolution
Jan 2: ok start today.
Jan 3: ok I mean it now.
Dec 31: damn that went quick. Try again tomorrow

— i ken see you (@kentaitin) December 30, 2015

Keep in mind that even if you fall off the healthy wagon, it's OK! Don't give up completely. Remember that each day is a new opportunity to do something good for yourself. And even small things can make a huge difference, so try these 52 healthy resolutions anyone can keep.