I've Spent Months Looking For the Perfect Workout Scrunchie, and I Finally Found It

Sep 1 2020 - 5:30pm

I'm someone who works out frequently [1], and the two essentials I need for any great sweat session are a supportive sports bra [2] and a great hair tie. I have some great options for the former, but the latter is a bit more complicated. I have long, thick hair, which isn't a bad thing, but it means I need a tight ponytail to stay put through my dance cardio and pilates sessions. I don't want a regular rubber band because it bends my hair and just isn't a great way to preserve my hair's health, but all the scrunchies I've tried never seem to stay put. That is, until I tried the scrunchies from Girlfriend Collective. [3]

I didn't think much of these when they first arrived on my doorstep, but because I love the Girlfriend Collective leggings [4] and sports bras [5], I gave it a shot. In short, this scrunchie is perfect. It's tight enough to survive my toughest workouts, but there are no bumps or bends in my hair. Plus, the fabric is moisture-wicking, which is perfect for a sweat session. After searching for what feels like forever, I found my perfect hair tie, and if you're as active as I am, you need one too.

Girlfriend Collective Black Scrunchie

The Girlfriend Collective Black Scrunchie [7] ($6) is the one I have, and I love it.

Girlfriend Collective Moss Scrunchie

Go green with this Girlfriend Collective Moss Scrunchie [8] ($6).

Girlfriend Collective Moon Scrunchie

This gray Girlfriend Collective Moon Scrunchie [9] ($6) goes with everything.

Girlfriend Collective Plum Scrunchie

This Girlfriend Collective Plum Scrunchie [10] ($6) brings major fall vibes.

Girlfriend Collective Ivory Scrunchie

This Girlfriend Collective Ivory Scrunchie [11] ($6) has a retro vibe we like.

Girlfriend Collective Midnight Scrunchie

Is blue your favorite color? You need this Girlfriend Collective Midnight Scrunchie [12] ($6).

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