Halle Berry Gave Us a Cooking Lesson Over IG Live, and Now We Feel Like a Top Chef

Halle Berry has shown us that health and wellness isn't just about the brand of leggings you wear or how often you work out: it's about taking care of yourself both mentally and physically and nourishing your body, whatever that looks like for you. She recently hosted an Instagram Live session with chef Maria Emmerich, showing us how to make keto bourbon chicken, and we cannot wait to try this recipe out. In the beginning of the video, Berry explained that she's followed the keto diet for 15 years because it helps her manage her diabetes and has helped her become healthier.

Finding good keto recipes used to be a challenge for Berry, but ever since she came across Emmerich's cookbooks, she said it's been a breeze, and her kids love the recipes as well! In this 23-minute Instagram live, Emmerich and Berry walk us through cooking the keto bourbon chicken (we're adding it to our list of meals to make this week), and it's way easier than we thought! If you want to feel like you're besties with Berry or just need some recipe inspo, definitely check out the full video above for step-by-step instructions and give this recipe a shot.