Giving the Gift of Health: Healthy Lessons We Taught Our Moms

Dominique Astorino
Dominique Astorino

In celebrating Mother's Day, we love looking back at all the amazing things our moms have taught us. They've inspired and shaped our lives, and help us become our best selves.

That being said, we have started to teach our moms a thing or two. The healthier we become and the more we learn, the more we have to show and share with our moms. Here are some of our favorite memories from healthy lessons we've shared with our mothers.

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Ashley Paige

"I helped my mom stop going in the sun. She used to go in the sun quite a bit, and I would hound her to wear SPF, so she eventually did!" — Ashley Paige, assistant editor, Smart Living

Susi May

"It took a couple of quarters at college to realize that my mom didn't really eat vegetables . . . some lettuce, maybe. But I grew up in the Midwest where cottage cheese atop canned pears or peaches was considered a 'salad.' I have had the distinct pleasure of introducing broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, and sweet potatoes to my mom. The trick was teaching her how to prepare them — no boiling! Every time she visits, I try a new superfood on her. She liked the quinoa but really loved the farro." — Susi May, senior director, Fitness (Susi's two daughters and Susi's mom, the new vegetable lover, above)

Rachel Crowley

"My mom and I have always enjoyed taking a day to ourselves every so often to get outside, explore, and head out on a hike. I remember going as a kid on trips to Yosemite to hike Vernal and Nevada Falls, among others, and along the coast. We'd pack up for the day, leave my brother and dad behind, and blast Purple Rain on the drive.

"This particular picture was a hike up to Eagle Lake in the mountains around Lake Tahoe (waaaay back when I was a wee lass at 18 . . . okay, so six years ago). We still go on hikes together when we can — our most recent was a hike up to Cathedral Lakes in Yosemite — and it's always been great bonding time as well as a healthy way to exercise that is way better than a gym. She's actually part of a proper hiking group for herself now!" — Rachel Crowley, copy editor

Dominique Astorino

"Health and fitness have become a common bond between my mom and me, and everything I learn and discover, I share with her. I've broken her habits of fast food and showed her some of my favorite health food joints (we LOVE True Food Kitchen), taught her about macronutrients, nitrites, and nitrates (sorry, Mom, I know you love hot dogs), and I've brought her with me through every step of my personal fitness journey and education.

"In return, she's brought me into running — above you'll find us celebrating our first half marathon together last year! — she set me up with a sweet Vitamix for my millions of smoothies and soups, and she is always down for an active adventure with me, whether we're at home or traveling in another country. Up next: snorkeling and hiking in Maui for Mother's Day!" — Dominique Astorino, assistant editor, Fitness

Caroline Golding

"My mom has been by my side through my wellness journey and I've luckily been able to influence her health along the way! She has transformed from despising cooking and turning to Advil and Ibuprofen for pain, into a yogi and meditator who values eating local, real food. My mom has been so supportive and open to everything. I am so proud!

"I taught her the importance of real food as well as 'soul food' (things that feed you besides food — relationships, passions, spirituality). We have a weekly ritual of visiting our local farmers market for fresh produce and grass-fed meat. We often meditate or do yoga together in our backyard and love discussing our latest wellness-related finding. It has been amazing to watch her health transform and to see her become passionate about healthy living as well! She even helps her friends with their health now too!" — Caroline Golding, editorial intern

Sabrina Dhillon

"Admittedly, my mom is much healthier than I am (she doesn't drink, eats more fruits and veggies than I ever will, and works out at least four times a week!), but there are still healthy discoveries I love to share with her. She loved the cauliflower pizza crust I found on POPSUGAR . . . and I hope she makes it for me soon." — Sabrina Dhillon, video audience development manager

Jaqueline Wray

"I actually just sent my mom a fruit water diffuser thing because she was complaining about needing to stop drinking soda, but didn't enjoy water. Solution? Fruit-infused water! (We'll see if she actually uses it . . .)" — Jaqueline Wray, editorial intern