Confused on Which Carbs Are Healthy? This Photo Breaks It Down

Carbs have gotten a bad rap over the last decade or so, especially as high-protein and high-fat (think: keto and Paleo) diets have become more and more popular. Despite this carb phobia, there are some healthy carbs that can boost your energy and actually help with weight loss.

As Amanda Meixner (@meowmeix) showed on Instagram, it is possible to incorporate healthy carbs into your diet, especially if you stick to a serving size. She showed what a serving of each of her favorite carbs looks like: half a cup of quinoa, half a cup of black beans, two rice cakes, one sweet potato, one cup of strawberries, and half a cup of lentils.

Although it can be easy to go overboard on portions if you don't measure out your food, sticking to a serving size of your favorite carbs can easily factor into your daily calorie target or macros. "Having the right amount of carbs for your body type is crucial, especially if you're more active," she wrote in her caption.

If you're looking for healthy carbs to add into your diet, keep these foods in mind — they're complex carbs and full of fiber, which will keep you feeling full and satiated and won't spike your blood sugar.