Play This Healthy Drinking Game

Is there anything worse than waking up after a fun night out feeling dizzy, nauseous, fatigued, and well . . . maybe even a little drunk from the night before? Hack your hangover with this healthy drinking "game."


After each alcoholic libation you consume, have an eight-ounce glass of good old H2O. Drinking booze dehydrates your system, and drinking water helps your body recuperate faster. Remember that the average female body needs about an hour to metabolize each alcoholic beverage.

Naturopath expert Dr. Holly Lucille is a big believer in following each drink with water, but she has another tip to pace yourself: set an alarm. Once you have your first drink in hand, set an alarm on your phone for 45 minutes later — and don't go for that second drink until the alarm goes off! Instead of getting swept up in the moment, you have a chance to get aware of how your body is responding to the alcohol in your system and make a decision from there. This might not sound like fun at first, but your body will be so grateful the following morning.