7 Ways You Can Make 4/20 Into a Day of Wellness

Contrary to popular belief, 4/20 did not become a stoner holiday because of Adolf Hitler's birthday or because 420 was the police code for marijuana smoking in progress. It actually all started with a group of high school kids who'd smoke together on campus at 4:20 p.m. But considering how weed and wellness have proven to go hand in hand, it makes sense to celebrate April 20 in more ways than one. If getting high with the masses isn't exactly your thing, let this be an opportunity to get creative with how you incorporate cannabis into a healthy lifestyle. See our ideas below!

  1. Have a high tea party: Give wine a break and say cheers with a comforting herbal blend instead. Brands such as Buddha Teas and Kikoko offer both CBD and THC sachets that taste delicious and give you a nice little buzz.
  2. Go on a high hike: Get a group of friends together and smoke or vape before setting off on a scenic route. A nice and mellow sativa strain will enhance the outdoor experience and help you stay present. Just be sure you're pregaming at home and not on the trail (especially if it's a national park).
  3. Try a cannabis-infused yoga class: As elevated yoga classes continue to grow in popularity, more events are being offered throughout legalized states. See if there's one in your city and if not, microdose and roll out your mat at home or smoke before your favorite class.
  4. DIY an infused post-workout smoothie bowl: Recover after an intense workout with a spiked smoothie bowl (recipe here). The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis can help relax your muscles and ease pain, while the ingredients of your smoothie bowl make for a nutritious snack.
  5. Get high with close friends: Gather at one of your homes for a smoke sesh that will inevitably include a few shared laughs. Being surrounded by those you care about in an intimate setting will bring you comfort and joy, all while being the ultimate bonding experience. Remember to add healthy snacks in case of the munchies.
  6. Bake healthy edibles: Stoner food isn't limited to chips and junk food. Rethink the way you indulge with cannabis by whipping up an infused delicious recipe that's also good for you, such as these strawberry apricot CBD tartlets.
  7. Host an elevated dinner party: Invite your favorite people over for a different kind of dining experience. Use a LEVO oil infuser or add already-infused products like Pot d'Huile's cannabis olive oil to your dishes.
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