Gym to Office in 10 Minutes Flat: 6 Tips For Freshening up on the Go

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio

Squeezing in a morning or lunchtime workout before heading into the office? Heck yeah, you are! But even if you're fitting a quick workout into your schedule, a problem may still arise: you don't have time to shower before your next meeting. And while a shower is always the preferable option when you've got the extra time, we've got some ninja-level freshening-up skills that'll get you through the rest of your day without feeling or looking like a hot mess.

  1. Keep your gym bag stocked. Your gym bag is your source of renewal post-sweat sesh, and it's the home to your arsenal of office-ready supplies — aka, your treasure trove. Pack up your skin care, hair care, and hygiene products, and spare clothes of all kinds — and of course, a water bottle to keep you hydrated.
  2. Skip the underwear (during your workout). Say what? Yeah, seriously. If you're wearing leggings of some kind for your workout, go commando. It'll trap less sweat, and you can put on a clean pair (from your treasure-trove gym bag) afterward. One less thing to wash, too.
  3. Wipe up! What is an on-the-go shower without body and face wipes? After you towel off and before you put on clean clothes, quickly wipe up your face and body with a cleansing wipe (there are so many good ones — I like the Yes to Coconuts ($5) wipes from Target!), and to "freshen up the downtown" as they say, I'd highly recommend intimate wipes like Summer's Eve ($4) or Sweet Spot ($3). Use these and you'll feel almost as fresh as you would if you had showered. Honestly, you should always have a pack of wipes in your gym bag. They're so great.
  4. Dry. Sham. Poo. Seriously guys, this stuff is a lifesaver for sweaty, greasy hair. Blot or pat dry excess sweat with a towel at your gym or studio to accelerate the drying process, then spray that stuff allll over. Be sure to run your fingers through a little to make sure you don't have white patches. Try sweeping your hair into a sleek high ponytail or bun to keep your look polished and the sweat somewhat hidden.
  5. Cool your face. You shouldn't ever be embarrassed if your face gets red during a workout — it's totally natural, and has little to do with your physical ability (take my word for it — I get SO red, and it lasts for hours). But if you're trying to get it together before your next meeting, my paramedic dad taught me a little trick after my last half marathon: put some ice or a cold water bottle on the side of your neck (near the carotid artery) to cool the blood going to your face. I couldn't believe how quickly the color of my face changed when I tried this. Try it out before you head back to your desk!
  6. Try a soap-scented deodorant. You've wiped up with cleansing clothes, you've got clean clothes on, your hair is refreshed with dry shampoo, and your face is cooled — don't forget to keep the sweaty smells from coming back with some lightly scented deodorant. I like Dove Dry Spray ($5) because it has a fresh fragrance that smells like a soapy shower. THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW YOUR SECRET.