Mountain-Climber Sliders: Try This Core-Strengthener Anywhere!

Ready to take your core work to the next level? All you need are a couple of hand towels or paper plates! Using slider-disc substitutes, you'll quickly break a sweat while toning your legs and strengthening your core, with a fun burst of fat-burning cardio.

POPSUGAR Photography

Here's how to do slider mountain climbers!

  • With the towels under your feet (if you are on a hard floor; use paper plates if you are on carpet), start in a basic, straight-arm plank position.
  • Then, as if you were actually running, pull one knee toward your chest, dragging your foot on your "slider" along the floor. As you push that leg back, pull the other knee forward. Quickly continue running or "climbing" in place for one minute.
  • Complete three sets.