How to Get the Body of a Wonder Woman Warrior, Straight From a Film's Actress

It's no secret that Wonder Woman is one of the hottest movies of the Summer. Not only have millions flocked to the theater to watch Diana Prince channel her inner warrior, but this action and adventure blockbuster features Hollywood heavyweights, as well as elite-level athletes, including martial artists, equestrians, a bobsledder, a heptathlete, and top CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Ence, who portrays Penthesilea, one of the Amazonian warriors from Themyscira.

In order to get battle-ready bods for the big screen, the athlete-actors who play many of the fierce warriors spent weeks in Europe prepping for their roles. Their days were spent training with heavy swords and spears, doing acrobatics while riding horses, and sweating it out with high-intensity strength and conditioning CrossFit-style workouts. And as a result, their broad shoulders, bulging biceps, thunder thighs, and built butts reveal how beautiful it is to be badass.

When she's not taking on larger-than-life movie roles, Ence is a top CrossFit Games athlete who lives and trains in Santa Cruz, CA. So, if you're looking to tone and tighten your booty, abs, and sculpted shoulders, Ence — who exercises up to five hours a day when training for a competition — shares her best-kept workout and diet secrets.

  1. Count Your Macros: While Ence has dabbled in Paleo and other popular diets in the past, she's found that counting her macros (carbs, protein, and fat grams) to achieve a high-carb, moderate-protein, low-fat diet helps her perform and feel her best.
  2. Eat Healthy Carbs: Since carbs are your muscle's primary fuel source, Ence says she feels her strongest when she has an optimal amount of carbs to fuel her training. Her go-to carbs include veggies, whole grains, quinoa, and corn tortillas, as well as other high-fiber grains. "I will do toast on rye or wheat dry or with peanut butter," she said. "And sometimes I buy gluten-free pasta and gnocchi to add with meats and veggies."
  3. Power-Up Meals: Ence always includes a high-quality protein as part of her main meals. Breakfast is often egg whites with veggies, bacon, and corn tortillas. Lunch and dinner is usually a Trifecta meal (chicken or beef) with veggies and brown rice, quinoa, or polenta. "Vegetables and meats are the majority of the food on my plate, and sometimes I will add some type of grain."
  4. Best Body Comp Advice: To achieve a leaner, more muscular body, Ence suggested focusing on fundamental strength-training exercises, such as front and back squats, pull-up progressions, bench presses, and overhead presses. To rev your metabolism and torch calories, try CrossFit or other types of intense, interval-based cardio workouts like 6 x 400 meter runs or 4 X 400 meter sprints on the rower. She also favors workouts "with odd objects — picking things up and moving them, like stones or pushing and pulling sleds."
  5. Splurge Often: And yes, Ence enjoys a few splurge-worthy foods from time to time. "I can't live without crunchy salted dark roasted peanut butter — I love it so much I have to hide it from myself! — and specialty coffee drinks, like cappuccino."