The Creative Way Julianne Hough Stays Moving

Things get pretty busy for Julianne Hough; because she's always on the go, the actress is used to finding creative ways to keep her life balanced. On days when she can't make it to a Pilates class or to see her trainer, Julianne told us that she makes a point to always be moving — no matter how small the effort.

"I am constantly getting up to walk around. If I get bored with that, typically I just put on some music and dance around," says Julianne. "Utilizing your furniture at home while you watch TV to do triceps dips and push-ups is a great way to sneak in a sweat, too." To encourage her efforts to always be moving, Julianne relies on a fitness tracker — she favors her Fitbit Alta — to remind her when she's been sitting for too long. Perhaps her strangest motivational trick? Carrying around weights.

"Sometimes I carry wrist and ankle weights around with me and I put those on throughout the day," she said. "Those also serve as great reminders to do arm raises or leg lifts."