Stressed Out at Work? 4 Little Ways to Cope With Anxiety

POPSUGAR Photography | Paul Kabata
POPSUGAR Photography | Paul Kabata

Depending on its severity, anxiety can be a debilitating mood disorder that stunts the sufferer's ability to function in ordinary situations. According to statistics, one in six adults in the UK suffers from a common mental disorder and with anxiety and depression being the most common, it's not far-fetched to imagine that our workplaces are harboring people who fight secret battles with anxiety.

If you count yourself in that number and don't feel comfortable discussing your struggles with anyone in your workplace, it's important not to ignore the issue and to find coping mechanisms you can fit into your day. Meditation expert Ashley Hunt suggests the following techniques as simple ways to achieve a calmer mind, whether you work at a desk or behind a wheel.

Start Prioritizing

Learning how to plan beyond just writing a long list of responsibilities is a great way of taking the pressure off and making your workload feel achievable. Begin prioritizing your task lists according to urgency, and be honest with yourself and the rest of your team about what you can and can't achieve.

Focus on your Breath

Controlled breathing is a great tool to use in combating anxiety, according to research from Harvard Medical School. Practicing deep, diaphragmatic breaths encourages you to release tension held in the chest and allows your body to get the full benefit of a breath, stabilizing your blood pressure.

1 Thing at a Time

Try focusing on the task at hand. Your to-do list may be a mile long, but you'll get more quality work done by focusing on one thing at a time rather than trying to get multiple things done at once.

Let Go of Expectations

Letting go of expectation isn't to say don't meet your work requirements; it's simply a reminder to stop heaping extra pressure on yourself and expecting perfection. When you feel your morale slipping while striving for a standard of perfection that simply isn't attainable, take a step back and remind yourself that you're allowed to make mistakes and learn from your lessons.