This Cheat Sheet Shows You How to Portion Your Meals Without a Scale

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It's no surprise that weight-loss requires burning more calories than you consume. But using a food scale or logging every meal isn't a realistic way to keep track of your caloric intake — at least not consistently. Instead, online coach Hamaad B. recommends using a simpler method to measure out portion sizes: using your hands for scale.

As shown above, you can portion out your protein to one to two palms and your veggies to one to two fistfuls. A thumb of healthy fats (like almonds) would be sufficient, also. The key here is consistency. If you're a larger man, Hamaad says to choose on the higher end of the portion ranges. If you're a smaller female, opt for the lower end.

"For example, every meal, I may eat two palms of a protein source, one fist of veggies, two handfuls of carbs, one thumb of fat, and maybe a fruit," he wrote in his caption.

He also shared that he adjusts his portions when he hits a plateau, in which case, he'll reduce his meals to one handful of carbs instead of two. As long as you use the same method every day, you should see results!