8 Ways to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

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POPSUGAR Photography

Getting stuck in a workout rut can leave you feeling frustrated, so we partnered with C9 Champion to help you push yourself to try something new.

Everyone hits a workout wall at some point, which can be extremely disappointing. You think you're pushing yourself so hard with expectations for weight-loss success, only to feel like you aren't getting anywhere — especially after stepping on the scale. It might be due to the fact you are sticking with the same routine over and over, not challenging your body to take it to the next level. And you're probably chilling in your comfort zone, which doesn't push your muscles to grow stronger. Here are eight ways to snap out of it.

  1. Mind over matter: You might be prone to early fatigue and then spend the rest of your workout sludging through movements, but it's your brain that's quick to let you give up. Embracing the understanding that you will suffer a bit while working out harder sends the message to your brain that it's time to dig a little deeper and break quitting tendencies. You know you can physically take on more, so it's a mental switch that needs to happen.
  2. Make a buddy: When someone has your back, it's a great motivator to do three more reps. And it goes both ways! You'll find yourself motivating your buddy, too, pushing yourselves out of your comfort zones. And it also sets up some healthy and motivational competition. Pledge to each take a class you wouldn't normally, and then discuss what you like about the new experience over smoothies.
  3. Mix it up: If you tend to gravitate toward the treadmill, it's time to head to the free weights. When you stick with one workout routine, your muscles aren't pushed — and you aren't as likely to torch calories. Doing the same thing over and over isn't very exciting and can lead to burnout, which is why mixing up your workout is a must. Try a yoga class, or hit the pool and swim some laps.
  4. Make a mantra: It can be as simple as chanting, "I can do this," or visualizing yourself on the beach, but having a mantra on repeat distracts your brain from what you're doing, giving you the extra kick to work through tough spots — and get to the next level.
  5. Compete: Everyone likes to win, so sign up for a race or a competition — especially if it's not something you typically do. Training will help take your workouts in a different direction and get you to look at things from a different perspective.
  6. Be uncomfortable: Who says exercising is comfortable? Running, lunging, jumping, and crunching aren't necessarily the most pleasant movements, but they work together to create a healthy mind and body. Select something you'd never typically do, like Zumba or pole dancing, and take a class. No one is going to laugh at you — and you don't even have to share your secret adventures with anyone. You'll build confidence while proving you can take on anything.
  7. Musical motivation: Put together a playlist of songs that push you to run farther. You might find you get lost in the music, which is a great distraction when you want to give up. Sing along and find a new rhythm.
  8. Own it: Moving outside your comfort zone can add a bit of anxiety to life, but that stress is actually a good thing. When we take on things we're uncertain of and succeed, it's a great brain boost that opens the door to so many amazing opportunities. You might not think that owning a three-minute plank is that big of a deal, but it's seriously liberating when you reach goals. Be proud of your accomplishments — you'll grow because of it.

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