Can't Get a Grip on Your Diet? Follow These 13 No-Cheat Recommendations

POPSUGAR Photography
POPSUGAR Photography

Can't seem to stop cheating on your diet? The following tips can help you make real, lasting changes that will help you see and feel the results you've been working toward.

  1. Take out temptation: If you can't seem to say no to junk food when it's lurking in your cabinets, simply take it out of your house. Make your kitchen a safe space.
  2. Don't overdo what's good for you: Overeating healthy foods defeats the purpose of keeping them on hand. Always keep portions in check — even with good-for-you foods.
  3. Plan ahead: There is room for indulgence on a healthy diet! When you have a special date on the horizon, eat clean for the days leading up to the event, and schedule a workout for the next day.
  4. Check in with your breath: Take three deep breaths before eating anything. This tip will help you enter meals with a calmer, more relaxed mind that can prevent you from eating more than you anticipated.
  5. Eat at home: Sure, it is possible to eat healthy at a restaurant, but it can be hard to say no to those big calorie bombs on the menu! Preparing your own meals at home is the best bet to keep your calories and ingredients in check.
  6. Skip happy hour: When there's booze in your system, you're less likely to say no to sliders or french fries on the table. Refraining from alcohol helps you make smart, well-thought-out food choices.
  7. Bring your lunch: Save yourself time, money, and temptation by packing up your own healthy homemade lunch instead of falling victim to fast food.
  8. Find awareness: Do you always eat when you're stressed? Angry? Being aware of your mental state before you eat will help you get real about what lurking issues you have with emotional overeating.
  9. Sit down: All that mindless snacking out of the pantry or fridge adds up! Sit down whenever you eat to make sure you're taking stock of what's going into your body.
  10. Designate mealtime: Delineating a special time every day just for eating will allow you to be more mindful of what you put in your body. Turn off your electronics and focus on your plate.
  11. Wait for 10: Eat half your portion, drop the fork, and take a 10-minute break before thinking about another bite. You'll find that you're satisfied from less food than you realize.
  12. Write it down: Can't figure out when you're cheating? Keep a food journal of everything you eat a day for at least one week. You'll see where unnecessary snacking or minimeals are sneaking their way into your diet.
  13. Practice self-compassion: After a diet slipup, be kind to yourself. When it comes to a lifestyle change, self-compassion works for the long haul!