If You're Avocado-Obsessed, You Need to Know This Life-Changing Storage Hack

POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar
POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar

While grocery shopping last weekend, purchasing my six avocados, I unknowingly was about to have a life-changing experience in the checkout line. My family and I are obsessed with avocados. I love eating one avocado a day to satiate my hunger and prevent weight gain, and my family loves avocado toast and avocado pesto pasta. I happened to notice the woman behind me with at least 10. I smiled and said, "I appreciate your love of avocados."

She said, "They're 89 cents each, and I love them in my salad — I'm stocking up!" I was a little confused and replied, "Won't they go bad before you get to eat them all?"

And then she blew my avocado-loving mind. She said she works in a grocery store, so she learned this little trick: store unripe avocados in the fridge. They won't turn brown, and they won't ripen in the cold temperatures. She said she takes one out every day, so it can ripen on the counter, which takes a couple of days. This ensures she always has a perfectly ripe avocado when she wants one, and the others won't go bad.

I was speechless. I felt like hugging her. My mind drifted to all the sad moments when I cut into what I thought was a ripe avocado, only to find it brown and squishy. A part of me would die each time that happened — not to mention all the money I wasted having to throw out $2 avocados.

This woman had no idea how this little nugget of wisdom would affect my life forever. I thanked her for her little trick, paid the cashier, and went back to the produce section to buy five more. There was another woman picking out avocados, so I shared the storing hack with her, too. And now I'm sharing it with you. If we each tell one person, brown avocados will eventually become extinct forever!