30 Times Kayla Itsines's White Shoe Obsession Captivated Us

Anyone who follows Kayla Itsines knows the loves of her life: Toby, her fiancé; Ace & TJ, her dogs; fitness; her BBG community; and, perhaps more than any of those things, white shoes. Seriously. Kayla is OBSESSED with white trainers. They're potentially her favorite thing on the planet. Her love for white sneaks is unlike anything we've ever seen before, so prepare to witness a list of moments when Kayla's white shoe obsession made us feel things we've never felt before — and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you almost forgot Toby was her bae because she gave flowers to her shoes

White shoes = Kayla's one true love.

When her shoes were actually angel wings helping her fly through the air

When she posted this babe of an outfit and reminded you why it all matters

When she rocked these sweet kicks for the POPSUGAR Australia photo shoot

When the shoes played peek-a-boo in this amazing picture

When you were so distracted by her white shoes you almost didn't notice she went full beast mode in this video

When she said "my style" and we all knew what she was REALLY referring to

When she paused to pensively think about all her white shoes and how much she loves them

When she found these beauties and couldn't look away

When a BBG sister made her realize how good white shoes look next to her guides

When she tried to convince you that she loves her dogs more than her white shoes

But we know the truth.

When she FREAKED OUT over her new white Asics

When she got tired of the workout BUT NEVER OF THE WHITE SHOES

When TJ tried to take one and she was like "umm, no"

When she modeled for a photo shoot that said "HEY, LOOK AT MY SHOES"

When she showed us what is likely her desktop/iPhone background

When the sparkling white color of her shoes nearly blinded you in this video

When she had a seriously enviable closet

When she got the chance to customize shoes and made them all white

When she was on stage for a world tour and she was still looking at her white kicks

When she clearly couldn't go to New York without her white trainers

When she made this LISS outfit but we all knew it was about the shoes

When you almost forgot this was a PDA picture because you were so busy looking at their matching white shoes

When she tried to post a color wheel but it turned out like this

When you were shocked and alarmed by a VERY RARE pop of color

When she mourned the loss of the custom shoes after her dog ate them

When you were stunned by her tan but even more by the spotless white shoes

When a BBG girl made a collage of her favorite things, white shoes included, and she got really excited

When she realized her new ankle weights look ABSOLUTELY PERFECT with white Nikes