3 Ways Hummus Can Help You Lose Weight

POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Perry
POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Perry

Hummus is a must-have appetizer for any healthy spread, but you might not know that this dip supports healthy weight loss. If you're trying to shed a few pounds, here's why you should always keep some hummus handy.

It can suppress your appetite: There's good reason nutritionist Julie Upton is such a big fan of legumes like chickpeas when it comes to weight loss. In one study, people who ate about one cup (5.5 ounces) of legumes felt 31 percent fuller than those who didn't eat them. Adding chickpea-filled hummus to your diet can help curb cravings and keep you satisfied for longer.

It's high in protein and fiber: Hummus is an solid source of protein and fiber, and it's an amazing weight-loss snack for that reason. One-fourth cup of hummus is just over 100 calories and offers three grams of protein and 10 percent of your daily recommended fiber. Amping up your protein and fiber intake supports healthy weight loss and keeps your digestion regular.

It's a smarter sandwich spread: If you crave the creaminess of mayo but want to cut back on calories and fat, sub in a spread of hummus. It will offer the texture you love with a serious nutritional punch. Even better, try this veggie sandwich that stars the spread.

You can easily buy a tub at the store or whip up one of these creative hummus variations at home: